Axent Intelligent Bidet Seat Milton

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Intelligent Technology for 180° Degrees of Clean

The Milton intelligent bidet seat offers fully customizable rear and front cleansing options. Additional oscillating, pulsating massage and aerated bubbly water infusion technology are just a few of the customizable features you can personalize and program into your Milton intelligent bidet.

Instant Comfort

Unlike clunky bidet models that require tank water heating systems, the Milton intelligent bidet seat features instant water heating technology to reduce your water demands while ensuring a luxurious and comfortably warm bidet cleansing experience. This instant heating technology also lends its space-saving benefits to the Milton’s slim, modern design.

Expertly Designed for Durability

From heavy load-bearing lids to quick release and easy to clean bidet seats, the Milton is expertly designed to meet all of your bathroom needs.


AXENT’s bidet solutions reduce your dependence on toilet paper-a known contaminant of harmful chemicals responsible for clogging up toilets and community sewer systems alike. AXENT’s intelligent bidet seats offer a gentler, more simple and sanitary solution for bathroom cleansing with the feel good benefit of reducing one’s impact on the environment.




L 19-7/16” x W 15” x H 5-3/4” (494 x 381 x 146mm)

Axent Intelligent Bidet Seat Milton
Axent Intelligent Bidet Seat Milton
979.30 1399.00


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